Overcoming a Toxic or Traumatic Childhood

For some of us, childhood was a difficult journey, and although we are now adults, we find that the adversities, traumas, and family conflict we experienced as children continue to impact our adult lives and relationships. Through individual therapy, Heather Shy, LPC works with adults to help them heal the wounds of childhood that impact their adult lives.

Heather's work focuses on helping individuals who experienced childhood issues such as:

Negative/ Toxic Parenting:

While no parent is "perfect," some parents lack the resources, skills, or emotional health to provide a healthy and secure physical and emotional environment for their children. If you were raised under a negative, toxic parenting style, you likely experienced a childhood in which you did not feel worthy, validated, independent, trusting, confident, and even, in extreme cases, safe.

Your parent(s) may have:

Childhood Trauma

Even if you were raised in a healthy and loving environment, you may have been affected by a childhood trauma or traumas. The National Institute of Mental Health defines childhood trauma as "the experience of an event by a child that is emotionally painful or distressful, which often results in lasting mental and physical effects."

Examples of childhood traumas:

If your childhood was affected by adversity, trauma, or family conflict, you may find that, as an adult, your life continues to be impacted by those difficult experiences. Your work, relationships, self-esteem, and even physical well-being may suffer.

Although each individual is unique, it is common for adults who have experienced a difficult childhood to find they have:

There is hope for healing after adversity, trauma, or family conflict

It can be very difficult to understand why your childhood was the way it was, and why it continues to affect you the way it does. But, there is hope. There is a way to resolve some of these difficult thoughts and emotions, set healthy limits so that you are protected from ongoing hurt and frustration, and learn how to implement healthy ways of dealing with stress so that it no longer hurts or hinders you.

Drawing upon her own personal experience and work with hundreds of individuals who have experienced a range of adversities during childhood, Ms. Shy seeks to walk alongside you as you move through the healing process and learn ways to take control of the things that have hurt you for so long so that you can truly enjoy your life and relationships.