Heather Shy, LPC

Heather earned her Master of Arts degree in Clinical Psychology and is a Licensed Professional Counselor (LPC). She has completed over 70 credit hours of graduate work and training from Forest Institute of Professional Psychology and has completed 3,000 hours of supervised clinical work as part of her work to become an LPC.

Since 2012, Heather has been helping individuals and their families overcome a variety of behavioral and mental health concerns such as depression, anxiety, ADHD, grief, trauma, life adjustment, anger, and more. Through individual and family counseling, Heather assists individuals and families in overcoming the challenges that they face.

Heather has also received graduate training and post-graduate experience in the area of psychological testing. Her assessments include adaptive functioning, psychoeducational, cognitive, and objective testing, which can help provide a differential diagnosis and recommendations for treatment.

Her work with individuals also includes therapy for recovery from the grief and pain of having been raised in a negative or toxic environment, or having experienced childhood trauma. By addressing the adversities, traumas, and family conflict experienced in childhood, Heather's work strives to reduce or eliminate the impact these issues have on her adult patients' lives and relationships. She focuses on helping patients resolve the difficult thoughts and emotions that come from their childhood experiences, establish appropriate boundaries to reduce ongoing hurt and frustration, and learn how to implement healthy ways of dealing with stress so that they may enjoy more fulfilling, connected, and satisfying lives.

Heather views clients not as a diagnosis, but as individuals experiencing specific struggles. Within an atmosphere of grace and support, Heather empowers clients to find the strength and ability to cope with the challenges in their lives so that they are no longer hindered by them.